Shoot Again

Atari Millipede
1982 Atari "Millipede"
Date Started: November 2000
Date Finished: January 2001

A victim of vandalism, the control panel overlay, and the marquee overlay of this millipede had many spots that had been peeled off. The trackball had seen a lot of play and the monitor looked very dark. First thing to do on the list, lets get this classic working 100%. First I replaced the very worn trackball, with a nice new trackball from Happ Controls. What a difference in play that made. Next I tackled the dark monitor. I can't believe how much dirt was cleaned off the monitor and the monitor glass, In the whole life of the machine I don't think the monitor or the monitor glass had ever been cleaned. There was a vast improvement with the brightness of the monitor, but something still didn't look right. I started adjusting the monitor and found someone had turned the "Red" adjustment all the way down, the reason the monitor looked so funny was because the monitor had no red. I fine tuned the monitor and started my improvements on the cosmetics. Lastly I added the final Touches, I installed a new Control Panel overlay and a new marquee overlay from Arcadeshop Amusement.

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Last Updated: 07/05/2017