Shoot Again

1978 Gottlieb "Joker Poker"
Date Started: March 2000
Date Finished: December 2000

This Pinball Machine ended up being a total restoration, When I first started only the playfeild lights would turn on, but game would not play and the score displays were dead. I repaired some corrosion on the circuit boards, replaced the memory battery, and rebuilt the power supply, witch brought the game back to life. Now that the Game was working I repaired a few broken features on the playfeild.

Now to make the game pretty again, since the game had been stored in a warehouse for a few years, it was covered in dust. I cleaned the whole cabinet inside and out then painted the rusty legs. Then I completely stripped the playfeild, cleaned and waxed it, replaced all the light bulbs and a few faulty light bulb sockets, Replaced all the rubber, and put it all back together again. Lastly there was a large spot on the backglass where there was no paint, you could see right through to the light bulb, so I carefully touched up the backglass.

Joker Poker

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Last Updated: 07/05/2017