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Genco Gypsy Grandma
1957 Genco "Gypsy Grandma" Fortune Teller

This classic fortuneteller is being restored for the Fun-a-Rama Arcade at Hampton Beach. Put in storage years ago, time was not kind to grandma. The top cover is missing and most of the glass is broken. I am currently in the process of locating a replacement cover for the top and finding a way to create the decals that were once on the glass. Most of Grandmas animation is not working due to many missing, broken, and worn parts. Plus over 40 years of grease building up and being exposed to extreme hot and cold weather, the grease has turned into a very sticky mess. I am currently in the process of cleaning the sticky grease off every part of her animation mechanics

1940 Exhibit Supply "Love Tester"

Found in a falling down barn, this antique Love Tester needs a lot of work! It's currently sitting in pieces and will need to be completely reassembled.


Midway Haunted House Rifle Game
1972 Midway "Haunted House"

Midway's Haunted House is one of my personal favorite rifle games. I had been looking for one of these for a while, and a good friend and fellow collector was lucky enough to find one. Only problem was that his was missing the "Motor Speed Control" board, his machine had been hot-wired to work without this part. He placed an add in Gameroom Magazine, and got a call from a fellow in Kentucky that not only had the board he was looking for, but the whole machine, and he was willing to sell it all for $100.00! Needless to say we had the machine shipped up here, I gave my friend the board, and I took the rest. Months later I found the board on eBay. After I put the machine back together, I plan on rebuilding all the mechanics, and repainting the cabinet, witch someone spray painted black.

Standard "Metal Typer"

Once belonging to The Hampton Beach Fun-a-rama, this Standard Metal Typer needs to be completely rebuilt.


1979 Atari "Asteroids"

Sold to me because the previous owners were moving and did not want to "lug it around" with them. This Asteroids sat on their sun porch since 1982! The logic boards need some work, and the monitor needs to be rebuilt. There is a fair amount of cosmetic work that will need to be done as well.

1980 Gottlieb "Spider Man"

When I first acquired this machine it was totally dead. Upon my initial investigation, I found that it had a blown main fuse, I replaced the fuse and the machine came to life. Aside from needing to be shopped, this machine will need the usual PinballHQ modifications to make it run trouble free.

Gottlieb Spider Man

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Last Updated: 07/05/2017