Shoot Again

Dragon's Lair
1983 Cinematronics "Dragon's Lair"
Date Started: June 1997
Date Finished: October 2001

Formerly Owned By Canobie Lake Park, I stared this project when I worked there. When I first started working on this machine it wouldn't do anything. I started troubleshooting and found that everything appeared to be working except for the laser disk player. The disk player was running, but it would not even try to play the disk. I replaced that disk played with another one of the same make and model. Unfortunately there was no change, the machine still wouldn't do anything. I explored my options, but found that due a tight budget, the park did not want to put the kind of money needed into restoring this game. So the machine was put into storage.

Three years later, (or a year after I had left there), I found out that the park was willing to sell the machine. Our good friend at Doghouse Pinball went there right away and bought it to add to their collection. We bought to their shop, and started a full restoration that would finally bring this game to it's former glory. I did some research on the Dragon's Lair Project web site and decided that the best thing to do would be convert the machine from using the original Pioneer laser disk player, to a more reliable Sony player. I bought a nice Sony LDV 1500 off eBay, and a Sony Conversion card from Hi-Tech Mechanical/Electronic (Now Defunct). The installation went very well, but the game still would not run!? So more troubleshooting, I found that one of the cables for the Laser disk player was broken and there were a few bad parts on the game board. I also found the video cable leading from the disk player to the monitor was broken and needed to be replaced.

After all that the Dragon's Lair finally worked, I gave it a major cleaning and straitened up all the wiring inside. Now This machine looks great and plays beautifully.

I'll Save You Daphne!!!
Our Good Friend Dan Enjoys The Newly Restored Dragon's Lair

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