Shoot Again

1981 Gottlieb "Black Hole"
Started: April 2002
Finished: February 2003

A restoration for our friends at Doghouse Pinball, Parts of this pinball may have actually fell into a Black Hole! Much of the art on the upper playfield was missing, exposing the bare wood. If you brushed your fingers anywhere on the playfield they would turn blue from all the dust the missing paint had turned into. All the rubber on the machine had turned blue as well.

Seeing that the playfield was too far-gone to restore, We Located another playfield to install. The replacement playfield we found had near perfect art, but unfortunately whoever removed it from the machine it was originally in cut off all the wires and connectors that lead up to the main boards. With a lot of rewiring I cut the all the same wires off the original playfield the reconnected them to the replacement playfield using Molex connectors. When finished all the wiring looked as if Gottlieb had done it themselves.

After the playfield was all rewired and installed, I started work on the machine’s electronics. I did all the usual Gottlieb Star Series 80 CPU, Driver, and Pop Bumper Board modifications. I also replaced the 5 volt Filter Capacitor, a faulty Bridge Rectifier, and three bad coils.

Lastly I replaced the Motor than makes the animated "Black Hole" spin behind the backglass, and added the finishing touches, replacing all the rubber, light bulbs, and waxing the playfield.

No one escapes the black Hole!
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Just entered the shop
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That's a lot of bare wood!
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Everything seems to be there.... except for the paint!

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That looks a little better..
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Much better.

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